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Solve 10 hard business challenges in 10 days

Prepare the foundation to be a BOSS

Successful Leadership is the art of knowing the WHAT,HOW and WHY in situations where you don’t know the WHAT, HOW and WHY.

This summer, give your teenager the edge they need to succeed in school and in future with the BOSS Summer Camp 23 where they solve ten hard business challenge from real life.

This summer, practice to be a leader

Leadership comes with a lot of practice. They say, it is never too early to start.

As a kid, Dhoni practised goal-keeping that made him think clearly under pressure, whilst Steve Jobs tinkered with complex electronics and fell in love with computers when his neighbour Larry Lang made him join HP Explorer’s Club. At 16, Elon Musk was overcoming the fear to share his genius and a very shy Ratan Tata rehearsed the art of constructive disagreement with his grand-mother.

Do No Exercise, Build No Muscle

Designed for students who want to strengthen their business acumen and leadership attributes, under the backdrop of real-life business challenges the BOSS Summer Camp will provide hands-on learning experiences that will motivate and inspire them to achieve greater heights of success.

Every Success needed a good mentor

BOSS Summer Camp 23 would be the most awe-inspiring10 days where students learn most essential business concepts of decision making and problem solving on issues of marketing, finance, people and strategy, simultaneously sharpening their soft skills of empathy, persuasion, negotiation, communication and team motivation through real-life case study approach. The camp will equip students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive world.


  • Case 1: Pulse – Idea to Execution to become #1 in candy market
  • Case 2: Godrej – Seizing the ChotoKool opportunity
  • Case3: McDonald’s – What next?
  • Case 4: E-Commerce Wars – Flipkart v Amazon
  • Case 5: Harley Davidson bikes – identifying White Spot in Premium Bikes
  • Case 6: Zomato – Experimenting Business Model for Profitability
  • Case 7: Kia Seltos– Launching New Product in a crowded space
  • Case 8: Fab India– The challenge of aggregating diverse crafts
  • Case 9: Asian Paints – Cracking the supply chain code
  • Case 10: Mocondo Well is leaking. BP’s battle for survival
  • Case 11: Insects in Chocolate. How can Cadbury’s rebrand – BONUS!


  • Solve 10 real life business challenges for world’s leading brands
  • Learn key business concepts such as marketing, finance, and strategy
  • Experience case study-based learning used by the world’s best B-Schools
  • Develop Critical Thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Gain confidence in collaboration and teamwork
  • Improved Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Increased motivation and interest in entrepreneurship and business
  • Learn about different careers paths and gain real world business knowledge
  • Experience of being a CEO
  • BOSS Summer Camp 23 Certificate of Completion



Duration – 10 days | Timings –2 hours
Every week new batch starting 1st May’2023
Fees – Rs 7,500 + GST
Contact : Sahiba Vaid, 9958953298, [email protected]


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