Five Big Themes for 2023

At ThinkStartup, we believe 2023 is going to be exciting. 

This is the year where pressure of job loss will encourage people into side-hustle and we will see more entrepreneurial ideas come to fore.

For innovation and entrepreneurship, ThinkStartup team deliberated to come up with ten themes for the year 2023. These are

#1 Explosion in AI use-cases
Well voice to text has been conquered.
We will soon see, voice to text to video
Smarter real-time language translation will become reality

What about vision to voice in multiple languages? Err that’s an opportunity to pursue.

By the way, OpenAI GPT-3 is already capturing the imagination. 

ThinkStartup team would be glad to hear what you have tried with GPT-3 capabilities.

#2 Metaverse
The use cases of Metaverse will multiply. Brace up for things like virtual exhibitions, voice cloning, AR / VR headsets, 3D Scanners, 
We urge you to follow startups like Sandbox, Improbable, H2L and many more.

#3 Roof-top and Vertical farming will spread
We are all set to enter into the age of hydroponics.
We may need brave entrepreneurs to start cultivating veggies in the multi-storeyed glass towers of CyberHubs.

#4 Demand for HealthTech will grow
With the fresh wave of Covid in China and shortage of health workers, societies will move to technology to take care of itself.

#5 Demand for Second-hand / Recycling will grow
Millenials coming to workforce who care more about sustainability will provide impetus to recycling.
And job losses shall provide impetus to second hand stuff.

What according to you could be other themes. Write to us here.

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