(Ideation Workshop for School Students)

What separates Elon Musk from the rest?

It is his ability to spot and pursue huge opportunities much ahead of anyone else.

Our Ideate Like Elon Musk Masterclass is for school students who are dreaming to build a BIG startup. They are also looking for how to spot BIG Path-Breaking Opportunities and think of themselves as someone who wants to change the world.

Our Ideate Like Elon Musk Masterclass is a series of 5 lectures delivered over a week by ThinkStartup Startup Experts on Zoom platform.


What will the students learn?

In this super engaging Masterclass students will learn:

  • Develop the art to see a problem from user’s perspective
  • Future Thinking: Know how the world would look like in future
  • Identify big Opportunities where others may see problems
  • Create Workable Solutions
  • Stress Test the solution for Success


Delivery Mechanism

  • This Masterclass is for school students in Class 6th to 12th.
  • It will be delivered over 5 interactive sessions in a Zoom Classroom.
  • Typical session lasts about an hour. 


For any Query Contact

Ms.Sahiba Vaid
Program Coordinator
Call / WhatsApp – 8130596779
Mail at – [email protected]


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