Best Idea Live

  • Ecofreindly Pencil made of newspaper and fevicol
  • Get Google Reviews for your business
  • "Kural", a website that helps government know about the opinions of the people.
  • SpectJobs - a platform that will connect persons with disabilities with employers.
  • HAS Health, a device to monitor vitals in elderly
  • A Glove that reads ASL (Sign Language)
  • Patented Product that addresses micronutient deficiency from fruit peels.
  • TechnoAgriculture - A solution for ploughing, levelling and watering of agricultral fields.
  • Special encryption based file sharing app
  • App for early detection of Alzheimer disease using AI
  • Blaze Gen - A life saver for accidents in factories.
  • SLOOT , a file compression system that can spare your hard-disk
  • Wireless power transmission system to charge your electric vehicles
  • LED sensor based blood flow measurement device to assess cardiac risk
  • Audio-Aid - a portable school kit developed for deaf students.

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