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Sanchi Bansal

In a world where innovation and dedication reign supreme, Sanchi Bansal emerges as a shining example of youthful brilliance and ambition. Her remarkable journey, marked by achievements that speak volumes about her character and capabilities, has earned her a well-deserved spot among the top 10 participants of YouthIdeathon 2022. Not stopping at that, Sanchi has also actively contributed her talents to the Entrepreneurship Summer Camp, further cementing her reputation as a hardworking, intelligent, and devoted individual. This accomplishment not only showcases her exceptional intellectual prowess but also reflects her ability to think creatively and solve complex challenges with finesse. In an era where the youth are steering global progress, Sanchi's presence among the brightest minds stands as a testament to her dedication to making a positive impact on the world. By immersing herself in an environment that fosters entrepreneurial spirit, she has showcased not only her intellectual curiosity but also her keen business acumen. Through this experience, Sanchi has honed her skills, expanded her network, and gained insights that will undoubtedly shape her path towards a future marked by innovation and leadership.

I have been part of the two events- Youth Ideathon and the Entrepreneurship Summer Camp by Think Startup which helped me to groom my problem solving and team-work skills. It is a great exposure for young minds to become future-ready with 21st century skills.

Sanchi Bansal

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