Session with Prof. Jeanne Lietdka By Aneesh Raman

Prof. Jeanne Lietdka is a professor of Strategy, Ethics & Entrepreneurship, who has also authored the book Designing for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector. She is an expert on design thinking.In her session, she mentioned the need on focusing on customers , their need and empathize with them. She mentioned that we have endless possibilities, constraints and uncertainties that you cannot control. She proposed to start a problem with constraint. One should build deep understanding of the problem. She said that in reality eight out of ten problems are rejected. One should touch base with reality of what is going on today. The way to realize that is through journey mapping, creating personas and through ethnographic interviews. When asked if design thinking will work in the data rich machine age, she mentioned that work very well together and there is a large opportunity and we can go deeper. She stressed on the need of experimentation, understanding the problem, making the problem hypothesis driven and make ideas testable. Finally, the conversation culminated by discussion on her design thinking model of  What is? What if? What wows? What works?, which she explained along with the napkin pitching, of what the idea is? What needs does it meet and how will the idea be executed. She paved a way saying we need to experiment more and dig deeper to understand our customers.

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