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Dakshayani Pandey Vidyagyan School, Sitapur

Youth Ideathon 2021 Winner gets 100% scholarship at Stanford University

ThinkStartup family has a great news for you.

Dakshayani Pandey, winner of Youth Ideathon 2021, organised by ThinkStartup for her innovative Mission Protector, an indigenously built cardboard prototype of an automobile that can save lives due to increase in level of carbon monoxide, has been awarded admission at world’s most prestigious Stanford University, California (US) with 100% scholarship.

For Dakshayani, it is a dream come true to get admission at Stanford to pursue higher studies in Bioengineering at one of the best universities in the world.

Speaking at her success, Mr. Pramod Reddy, her mentor at Vidyagyan School, Sitapur said, “I remember the day when she came to me with this news report of how a child was suffocated to death in a car due to carbon monoxide. She approached me with the determination to develop a solution. Once we were ready, I encouraged her to participate in Youth Ideathon, which was a turning point for her.”

Shivani Singh Kapoor, founder, ThinkStartup said, “We are so happy for the Dakshayani. We created Youth Ideathon as a platform to recognise the outstanding efforts made by by students like Dakshayani, who toil day and night to solve problems of the society. I am sure, success of Dakshayani shall pave way to more such tinkerers to shine.”

Nandan Chebbi

Nandan Chebbi, Age 18, Class 12,  Jain College,   Bengaluru is the one-stop destination for consumers looking to find their perfect smartphone without wasting any time in research. has introduced an AI Chatbot Assistant,TechBot which speaks to the user and understands the users profile and his needs; based on which it recommends the perfect smartphone for that user within 2 minutes. has been selected for Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. This program is aimed at helping and scaling up startups to achieve new heights.

Alu Krishna

Alu Krishna AL, Age 17, Class 12, Sarvodaya Central Vidyalaya,   Thiruvananthapuram

An internet radio titled 1.14 SAHITHYVAANI which launches episodes on every Sunday.Our radio’s main aim is to pave creative opportunities for children during lockdown. About 200 students aged 3yr-17 yr from all over Kerala and outside India work together as a team and launches informative radio programs relating to several topics especially made for children every Sunday through our specialized website and android application . Already have about 4lakh listeners and It is ISO Certified.
World Book of records for the title: ‘World’s first student internet radio’


Abhay Gupta, Age 17, Class 11,  The Mahindra United World College of India,  Pune

Gramtech is an organization that teaches senior citizens smartphone skills, in an attempt to alleviate loneliness and depression in senior citizens and encourage participation in the digital economy. We’re currently working on an easy-to-use application that can aid senior citizens in learning technology features, as well as teach them how to make transactions and connections in the digital economy.

Dhairya Bhatt, Age 13, Class 9,  Silver Bells Public School,  Bhavnagar

I-QR is an excellent development that gives easy and instant information to students, parents and teachers about each child’s progress.
Details of extracurricular activities will be added later which will show the many talents of our students.

Vishal Saini

Vishal Saini, Age 14, Class 9,  Govt. Senior Secondary School , Loharu,  Bhiwani

INSPIRINZA, An Innovative Ecosystem redefining the use of old glass bottles from our Homes to our creative Tech Enabled Workspace, waste to traditional handicraft.
We are designing creative, beautiful and unique handicraft glass bottles from old waste material , therein solving environmental issues arising from glass dumps.
Currently sold 60+ handicrafts across the country ,worth 35k.
INSPIRINZA was born with the Ideology of providing complete innovative solution to consumers  from collecting the old glass bottles from their homes and designing  them into traditional handicraft bottles at our factory while saving the environment from hazardous impacts of old glass bottles dumps.
We are in process of developing a Unique 3D Platform Application where Users can design and purchase their own bottles using hundreds of tools present on that application.

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