U18 LaunchPad 2022 @IIT Delhi

U18 Launchpad Super 30 Students


Stuti Katiyar,  Class 10,  VidyaGyan School SITAPUR

I’m Stuti katiyar , a grade 10th student at Vidyagyan school Sitapur. I’m very much passionate about reading novels gardening and painting.In my free time , I read Amish Tripathi, Paulo Coelho, Danielle Steel, Veronica Roth,Richelle Miad,Sudha Murthy,Jean Session.I have attended Online enterpreneurship programme launched by Udhyam Learning Foundation and i really want to learn Korean(Hangul) .My idea is about  “PRAKRITIK VAYU SHUDDHIKARAN” from which polluted and explosive environment of indoors can be purified and with the help of a monitoring system, the type of gas and the concentration of gas can be monitored .All this ca be done in an eco friendly and cost effective manner.


Kavya Vijay,  Class 12, Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Hello, my name is Kavya Vijay, a Final year IB student from Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am a National level Basketball player, and in my free time, I sometimes play squash and football with my friends. As an academically driven and self-focused person, I invest most of my time learning new skills, reading books like The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard, and Can’t hurt me by David Goggins, etc., and learning from my mistakes. Grew up in Entrepreneurial and Business surroundings, my heart and mind always make me lean toward doing business and learning about entrepreneurship. As I grew up, I recognized myself more from experiencing the highest highs and lowest lows in my life, through all this, I developed a vision to pursue Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology as my major in College and implement all my learning to create a successful business. At Launchpad U18 I am deciding to build an E-commerce company that will help not only people but also the retailers. I expect to learn about Marketing and Logistics at the Launchpad U18 program and build good connections with peers and mentors.


Sunik Maggu,  Class 10, K R Mangalam World School, New Delhi

Sunik Maggu is a student of grade 10th at K R Mangalam World School,Delhi.He is the founder of AirRyder Inc, a performance sport shoes company.He is born and brought up in family of entrepreneurs, so business is in his Blood. He believes entrepreneurship is about creating value through problem solving and business is about creating money by creating value.At U18 launchpad he is building a startup venture of footwear design and development.His biggest strength is his curiosity which helps him to learn.In his free time he loves reading and travelling and exploring new destinations,and leaning about various cultures.

Tisya Bindal

Tisya Bindal,  Class 9, Birla Vidya Niketan New Delhi

my name is Tisya Bindal. I am 13 years old and I study in 9th grade at Birla Vidya Niketan School. My passion is mental health and I am capable of contributing to society to help this issue. I am a perfectionist which can be a weakness sometimes but I try to make it my stre⁶ngth. My social skills help me to expand my network and broaden my mindset. I am persistent about what I want, this allows me to achieve my goals. I have a keen interest in social issues and that has led me to participate in multiple MUNs and win the best delegate. I have a consistent record of achieving high scores in academics as well. I have a keen interest in psychology. I am excited about joining this program because it is going to guide me to my dream of building a startup, called Amigo A My hobbies include reading and dancing. I have been learning Kathak for the last 6 years. This has been a great stress buster for me. My friends say that I am good at debating and convincing people to agree with my opinion. Abrazo is about robots and mental health joining forces. My idea revolves around a robot with similar sensations to human beings, because with viruses, physical contact with humans is decreasing, and lack of social contact is the primary cause of mental health issues. So this robot would be able to talk and support humans. This is would help in thearupetic treatment and decrease mental illness rates.

Aanya Yaduvanshi

Aanya Yaduvanshi,  Class 10, Delhi Public School R.K. Puram- New Delhi

Aanya’s a grade 10 student at Delhi Public School R.K. Puram. She loves to learn about international relations, upcoming theories and all things tech-related; debates, coding, researching etc. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to learn and grasp any new skill. She is also a Grade 5 Level Pianist and is a professional dancer. At U18 Launchpad, she is trying to build a browser extension called ZappMail that saves user’s time, while reducing their carbon footprint, by clearing spam mails that clutter their inbox.

This is the profile for Aanya Yaduvanshi. Hope it is okay.

Aditi Goel

Aditi Goel,  Class 12, Birla Vidya Niketan (Pushp Vihar), New Delhi

Ram Gopal Chawla

Ram Gopal Chawla,  Class 12, Birla Vidya Niketan (Pushp Vihar), New Delhi

I am a grade 12th student of Birla Vidya Niketan residing in New Delhi. I am working on a project The Pet Pampers that connects pet owners with quality caretakers in their vicinity.

Pranav Manoj

Pranav Manoj,  Class 12, Amity International School,Mayur Vihar ,Delhi

Pranav Manoj is a Class 12 student from Amity International school,Mayur Vihar Delhi.He is passionate about using technology to create positive impact on environment .In his free time he likes to play chess ,sketch and read . He is an active member of an NGO that is involved in environmental research and action.
He has worked on a research project and developed a prototype -‘Domestic Microplastics Detector’ for detection and quantification of microfibres in grey water released from washing machines using Image processing and Machine Learning.
At U18 Launchpad he is building a product that collects microfibres released from our clothes during wash cycles .The product , Fibrille Catch ,will help in effective reduction of microfibre emissions in the environment.

Tanush Arora

TANUSH ARORA,  Class 12, Ahlcon International School, Delhi-110091

Tanush Arora, Grade 12thstudent pursuing Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science at Ahlcon International School, New Delhi
I am a young entrepreneur, who is passionate about solving problems innovatively. I’ve had experience in the field of product development and working with startups, interning with an Edtechcompany in the past and being involved in social entrepreneurship extensively.In my leisure time, I like volunteering with various NGOs and teaching STEM subjects to underprivileged kids.
Under U18 Launchpad Program, I’m looking forward to honing my entrepreneurial skills and networking with my peers and mentors to share knowledge and learn from them. I am working on a decentralised cloud storage project with the aim of transforming the way we store data today.

Aryan Agarwal

Aryan Agarwal,  Class 12, Springdale Delhi

Hi Everyone
My name is Aryan Agarwal and I am in 12th grade at Springdale School. My hobbies are watching movies and playing badminton. I am really good in technology and social marketing
Thank you

Dhruv Sharma

Dhruv Sharma,  Class 10, Heritage Xperiential Learning School Gurgaon Sector 62

Arjav Jain

Arjav jain,  Class 9, Birla Vidya Niketan , New Delhi

Arjav is a grade 9 student and studies in birla Vidya Niketan. He is passionate about reading, music, and fitness. He has read books such as zero to one, psycology of money and how to win friends and influence people. He is learning to play guitar and works hard on his fitness. In U-18, he aims to learn about entrepreneurship and build a product. This will be achieved through team work and discipline.

Anjaneya Sharma

Anjaneya Sharma,  Class 9, Sanskriti School, New Delhi

Anjaneya Sharma is a grade 9 student at Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. He has participated and won many positions at national and international Olympiads. He is an avid reader and enjoys a wide range of readings particularly historical novels. In his free time, he loves to play chess and guitar. At U18 launchpad, he is developing a learning device which can facilitate learning for children with hearing impairment.


Pooja Saluja,  Class 12, Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Delhi

This is Pooja. She’s a grade 12 student at Modern School, Barakhamba Road. She is passionate about being a student at different spheres of life. She loves to learn about finance, human behaviour, management, and all that lies beyond the scope of explanations. At U18 Launchpad, she is trying to build an aid for mental health care as a compliment to psychotherapy. Her venture is called Teens ReachOut.

Joyal Gupta_Photograph

Joyal Gupta,  Class 12, Summerfield School

Joyal Gupta is a grade 12 student at Summer Fields School. She has opted for Commerce, with Maths as an optional subject. She is passionate about trekking and sports, especially badminton and athletics. She is also a national-level trained Contemporary and Bollywood dancer. In her free time, she likes to watch different types of treks on different terrains on youtube and likes to draw (medium: watercolor pencils). At the U-18 launchpad she and her partner Garvita Rana will build a website on financial literacy which will be a one-step solution for any high schooler or college graduate to learn about investments and further how to make investments. Moreover, they can keep track of their monthly budget on this website. They will be able to share their doubts, achievements,  and progress making financial literacy a trend and normalizing learning about it. One of the main features will be a game related to the share market in which virtual currency will be provided to the users and by analyzing the current situation of the market and the prices of the shares they can invest accordingly to just get a hang of it.


Garvita Rana,  Class 12, Summerfield School

Hii, this is garvita
I am a 12th grade student at summer fields school.
I am passionate about poetry , art journals , traveling and baking.
In my free time i usually listen to music and read fiction novels .
In U18 launchpad i am building an app called budget bud with my partner Joyal , to spread financial literacy and break the norm that it’s complicated.


Rohan Sachdeva,  Class 10, The Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon

My hobbies include cricket, fitness, coding, dramatics and music. I have coded 15-20 quality games on Scratch (block based) and intend to grow my technological wisdom


Rishi Atul Joshi,  Class 12, Sanskriti School,New Delhi

Rishi Atul Joshi is a grade 12 student at Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi and resides at Pusa Campus. He is pursuing his studies with PCM cluster of subjects and aims to be a mechanical or an electrical engineer; and aspires to be a successful entrepreneur. Both his parents are working; with his father serving as General Manager with IOCL and mother as a Professor with ICAR-IARI, New Delhi. He has a younger sister in grade 6 of the same school.  Rishi has a pet Labrador named Oscar whom he considers to be his stress-buster. Rishi loves to play Tennis and as a team, has won at the Zonal level representing his prestigious school with his team mates. In addition, he was also awarded as the ‘Best Player’ for tennis from his school. Inspite of his hectic study schedule in grade 12, he still manages to keep a date with his favourite sport in the Lawn Tennis ground of the Pusa Campus and also loves to play Golf with his dad during his free time. Apart from this, he has flair for wild life photography and also loves to work like a techie at home for small technical issues related to mechanical and plumbing problems.

At U18, he and his partner Puneet Madaan, student of grade12 of Sanskriti School, shall be working on a project for “Limitation of Pipeline Mode of Hydrogen Transportation & Suggested Reforms“. They have chosen this field because the future is envisaged on Electric and Hydrogen Fuel. Transporting bulk hydrogen has multiple associated problems. Hence, they will work to understand the issues and their remedies. Rishi is excitedly looking forward to meet and learn from all the co-ordinators of U18 program at his dream institute IIT Delhi.


Utkarsh Mishra,  Class 10, Usha Martin World School Patna

My name is Utkarsh Mishra. Iam 16 years old. I have completed my boards exam of class 10. I want to be software engineer. In my free time i like to watch movies, web series, like to listen music and like to read books and nobles. Iam excited about to see iit delhi campus interact with extra ordinary facility.


Ritveek Kumar,  Class 12, ITL public school

Namaskar, I am Ritveek Kumar of class 12 studying in ITL public school. To describe myself in a line I would say I am a diamond who is carving himself.I like to explore new things and learn something new every day. I have a great interest in sports.I am the school topper of class 10 with an aggregate of 99.8%.I am looking to make AI enabled bot which will help people cure their depression, anxiety and fear by some extend. Through this camp I would love to widen my horizon of knowledge and get some more motivation going forward.


Devanshi Sood,  Class 12, Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon

My name is Devanshi and I’m a 17 year old studying in class 12 . I love writing articles, journalism, graphic designing, swimming, painting and hanging out with my friends . I’m someone who’s very easy to talk to and I like listening and interacting with everyone . I like working in teams but also think of myself as a leader and someone’s who’s always the first one to take a stance .


Dhairya Kakkar,  Class 12, Birla Vidya Niketan, New Delhi

I am Dhairya Kakkar. A class 12 student from Birla Vidya Niketan , New Delhi. I am passionate for Mathematics and an enthusiast for new ventures related to Science and Maths.


Sneha Sinha,  Billabong High International school bhopal

Hello!I am Sneha Sinha.I am a senior studying at Billabong High International school bhopal.I am creative soul as I am a dancer,singer, artist, theatre performer, writer, innovator but most importantly a budding entrepreneur.I am passionate and determined to explore the spectrum of entrepreneurship and believe to never give up at whatever I do.At the U18 Launchpad I am working on building ideas into real companies and hitting the real market as teen entrepreneur.Get,set.go!


Pranavvetrivel Balaji,  Sanskriti School,New Delhi

Hey, I am Pranavvetrivel Balaji, I just turned thirteen. I love music, both listening to music and creating music. I can play a variety of musical instruments. I also enjoy sports and the great outdoors.


Mehul Garg, Class 12, Heera Lal public School Mundka New Delhi

Mehul is a grade 12th Student at Dps Dwarka.He is passionate about learning new things. He is a hardworking and motivated student who is eager to learn new skills . At U-18 he is trying to build a hover bike thro team work and hard work.

U18 Launchpad TA Mentors


Vijay Meena,  B.tech, IIT Delhi

Vijay Meena, final year dual degree (B.Tech + M. Tech) student, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi. Apart from various software development projects, I am active in various social activities such as teaching kids in slums, traveling to different rural areas of India, and meeting native people to learn about their culture and problems, and how I can contribute towards solving these problems.


Chaxu Garg,  B.tech, Mathematics and Computing

Chaxu Garg, Sophomore UG student pursuing B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing. I am a young entrepreneur who has experience of working with startups. I bring a lot of diverse skills such as IoT, development, research etc. I have been actively involved in social entrepreneurship in various forms. I am very enthusiastic about mentoring new students and help them achieve their goals


Apoorva Malik,  PHD, IIT Delhi

Apoorva Malik PhD Scholar at Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. I am working in the area of Women Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. I am passionate about teaching and entrepreneurship. I have an experience of over 3 years in teaching in varied subjects : Entrepreneurship development, Income tax , business laws.


Ankit Garg,  MBA, IIT Delhi

Hi this is Ankit Garg, I’m an Exec MBA student of DMS, IIT. I run a startup in HR Space which provides recruitment solutions to corporates in India. I also head a company working in Skill India ecosystem of GoI. We provide skilling and training in Healthcare domain. I’m also looking at Marketing and Sales department of my family business which is into Spices(FMCG).


Gourav Aggarwal,  PHD, IIT Delhi

Gourav Aggarwal is an educator currently pursuing his PhD from Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. His passion towards entrepreneurship has led him to pursue his doctoral degree in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems. He founded an EdTech based education center in 2017.

He has an experience of over 6 years in teaching, business development and management. He is currently mentoring startups from EdTech, FinTech, SaaS and Skincare industries in pre-establishment and pre-seed funding stages. His areas of expertise in startups include planning and strategy, market research, starting up, financial planning, budgeting, organizing the venture and scale up operations.


Akansha Gupta,  PHD, IIT Delhi

Akansha Gupta PhD scholar IITD. I have my background in environment chemistry and have done several projects in risk management and assessment. I am always keen in contributing to nature conservation and sustainable programmes building ideas, I would love to give me expertise in the budding projects and start up ideas hereby put forward.


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