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Why Young Entrepreneurs are the future of a building economy

There are many layers of challenges when it comes to giving a boost to the economy. While the millennials have built it with experience, there is the proactive Gen Z currently taking it to the next level. 
The last decade saw an unleashing of startup activities by Young Entrepreneurs. These leaders didn’t submit to any failure or circumstance. The magic happens when there is courage, confidence and access to information which paves the way for a successful movement. And their undaunted spirit has let them set the path for the next generation of aspiring student entrepreneurs. 
We are gradually moving towards a more powerful economy. But, there are millions of promising youth in our country yet to explore their inner potential. It is said that till your 20s, you are most fearless and less cluttered. You are fearless to work on innovative business ideas and be a risk taker. You don’t have the work experience that clutters your thinking graph. The avenues of growth are exponential at this age.
Let’s look at a few of the many real life examples. Success stories of Young entrepreneurs who have not just inspired the nation but also made us look at challenges differently. 
OYO RoomsA fantastic venture initiated by an 18 year old who wanted to envision budgeted & hygienic stays for the middle class families. Ritesh Agarwalwho started his journey with a mere 2 rooms in a Gurgaon hotel and took the company to it’s current valuation of $10 Bn. 
RockStah MediaFarrhad Acidwalla is a successful entrepreneur in India who started his first online community at the age of 13! He started his Web development platform from the amount he received after selling a business idea to a friend for Rs 25,000. And now, he is running one of the most successful web development platforms. Also, a TEDx Speaker and the youngest lecturer at IIT Kharagpur’s Annual Entrepreneurial Summit.
Apex Infosys IndiaAdvait Thakur A 15 year old young serial entrepreneur who launched his first website at the age of 9 & by the age of 15 founded Apex Infosys India,  a global technology service provider that specializes in IoT products and services. He was ranked 4th in Wikia’s under 20 list of Young Entrepreneurs, 2017! 
India’s startup industry is on an upward cycle where opportunities are ever-increasing. All that is required is the business acumen and a mindset of innovation. “It is not the age that makes you extraordinary, it’s the freedom to choose that makes you one!”
We at ThinkStartup are on a mission to help bring out the potential of aspiring young entrepreneurs by providing them with the business knowledge and the entrepreneurial mindset needed for them to ideate, develop and launch their own ventures. By providing experiential learning and mentorship we aim to help them identify their strengths and interests and take the first big leap towards their dreams. 
Think Big. ThinkStartup.. You may be the next feature on our list of Young Entrepreneurs!

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