Our programs provide students with active learning experiences and transform students from being job seekers to job creators. They help students discover and unleash their full potential and set them on the path to becoming innovators, change makers and leaders.

Visual EQ Test

Students take an Entrepreneurial Mindset Assessment Test to understand their Entrepreneurship Potential and attend a Workshop on 21st Century Skills for Success.


Offered in partnership with TIDES, IIT Roorkee this fast paced 1 week bootcamp helps students discover the secrets of Creativity, Design and Leadership

Young CEO

Students start their own journey as entrepreneurs, come up with their own unique startup ideas and develop and pitch their first business plan.

18 Under 18

Best students from Young CEO program get selected for our 18 under 18 program where they attend Masterclasses from some of the best experts globally and develop their venture ideas further.

U18 LaunchPad

This intense 2 week immersive camp is held at Venue IIT Delhi and students get mentored by India’s best professors to take thier venture ideas to launch stage.

Venture Support

Students benefit from our wide network of industry and academic paertners and take their ventures to commercial success.


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