Our Programs are offered at 3 levels-Starter, Explorer and Achiever. Schedule a call with our counsellor to identify which stage is right for your child.


At this level students are just beginning to learn about entrepreneurship and are exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur. They learn about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and examine case studies of success stories .They are introduced to basic entrepreneurship concepts, such as identifying opportunities, coming up with business ideas, and understanding the fundamentals of innovation and creativity.



Students learn the fundamentals of Ideation and Entrepreneurship and learn how to spot opportunities. They become adept at coming up with their own unique business ideas.

ChangeMaker Bootcamps

ChangeMaker One Day Bootcamps on Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Leadership and Financial Literacy offer students a quick way to immerse themselves into the world of startups and business. These camps are offered in partnership with premium institutes such as FITT, IIT Delhi and TIDES, IIT Roorkee.


At this level, students have a basic understanding of entrepreneurship and are ready to start developing their own business ideas. They learn about market research, developing a business plan, creating a brand, and making an effective business pitch. They also work on building critical 21stCentury Skills such as Leadership, Public Speaking and Financial Literacy.

Young CEO

Students start their own journey as entrepreneurs, come up with their own unique startup ideas and develop and pitch their first business plan.

Future Skills Program

ThinkStartup Future Skills Program equips students with the skills needed to excel in school and throughout life. Students learn strategies used by the worlds’ most successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs and become future ready NOW.


At this level, students have a solid understanding of entrepreneurship and are ready to take their knowledge to the next level. They work on taking their business plans forward and create actual products and services that can be taken to market. They also participate in real-world business competitions and internships to gain practical experience.

U18 LaunchPad

This intense 2 week immersive camp is held at India’s premier educational institutions such as IITs and IIMs. Students get mentored by India’s best professors to take their business plans to launch stage.They learn about advanced topics such as setting up a business, protecting intellectual property, raising capital, and building a team.

Incubation Support

In this one-on-one mentoring program students are guided to develop their ventures further. Students benefit from our wide network of industry and academic partners and work on taking their ventures to commercial success.


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