Online Live Entrepreneurship Program

From Student to Budding Entrepreneur in High School

ThinkStartup Online Entrepreneurship Program is designed for high school students who love to challenge themselves and want to change the world. This program equips students with the mindset, confidence and the tools to get started on their journey to becoming future leaders, job creators and change makers.

During this program students are guided and mentored through a systematic process that helps them ideate, develop and launch their own ventures. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are self driven and motivated and aspire to create something meaningful. It is also an excellent opportunity for students applying to foreign universities who are looking for ways to showcase their own unique interests and strengths to college admissions officers.

Program Structure

This program is conceptualized and conducted by a team of IIT Alumni who are experienced entrepreneurs and startup mentors. Learning happens through live online classes, group discussions, assignments and small group mentor check-in’s. The course consists of 6 learning units.

Unit 1: Ideation

This unit supports students in identifying ideas that match with their skills, interests and strengths.

Unit 2: Design Thinking and Idea Selection

During this unit students evaluate and develop their ideas using a 3 lens idea evaluation framework and design thinking.

Unit 3: Creating a Business Model and Business Pitch

Students identify the right business model for their idea and create a shark tank style pitch for their venture.

Unit 4: Market Research and Product/Service Design

Students develop an understanding of their customers and the market and detail out their product or service offering.

Unit 5: Branding and Marketing

Students understand the 4P’s of marketing and create a marketing plan and work on their brand elements.

Unit 6: Launch and the Way Forward

Students launch their venture. Students work on a financial model to evaluate their business and create a plan for the way forward.

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