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U18 Launchpad Entrepreneur
Recognized by NDMA
Showcased at National Tech Week
Featured in Hindustan Times

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Youth Ideathon 2022 Top 10 Winner
Green Energy Entrepreneur
Founder of Startup Oorja
Building Energy Generating Shoes
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Youth Ideathon 2021 Top 10 Winner
Sahithy Literary Award Winner
AIWA 2023 Award Winner
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Youth Ideathon 2022 Top 10 Winner
Leading Force at Entrepreneurship Summer Camp!

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Nandan Chebbi

Nandan Chebbi

TechBot.ai is the one-stop destination for consumers looking to find their perfect smartphone without wasting any time in research.


Youth Ideathon 2022 Top 10 Winner
1st place in IIT Guwahati
Recognised by VSCIC!

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Abhay Gupta

Gramtech is an organization that teaches senior citizens smartphone skills, in an attempt to alleviate loneliness and depression in senior citizens and encourage participation in the digital economy.
Founder of The Parivartan Project
Honored with the Young Entrepreneur Award by the Governor of Punjab

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Dhairya Bhatt

Dhairya Bhatt

I-QR is an excellent development that gives easy and instant information to students, parents and teachers about each child’s progress.
Vishal Saini

Vishal Saini

INSPIRINZA, An Innovative Ecosystem redefining the use of old glass bottles from our Homes to our creative Tech Enabled Workspace, waste to traditional handicraft.

Utkarsh Mishra

hyperlocal Ecommerce in Bihar
U18 alumni 2022 Summer
Student of Usha Martin World School, Patna

Vineet N Prajapati

Bhavan's Raipur ThinkStartup has been a pivotal resource in my entrepreneurial journey, offering invaluable incubation support during the initial stages of pitching my idea.



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