Empowering Innovation: A Journey through YOUTH IDEATHON with Arihan Padhy and Team

I’m thrilled and happy to announce that Arihan Padhy, my teammates, and I were selected for YOUTH IDEATHON from among 1000 teams all over India. Approximately 1.5 lakh students from different schools participated in this event and shared their innovative ideas. We were proud to be part of the selected 1000 teams.

During the event, my team and I had the chance to practically implement our ideas in an innovative way.

IDEATHONS were brainstorming events, usually lasting anywhere from 1 to 5 hours depending on the number of participants. Participants threw in their ideas, presented them to receive feedback on what they should be working on or how they should go about it. Ideathons were not restricted to one common subject.

An IDEATHON, on the other hand, was an event where participants came together to generate ideas and brainstorm solutions for a specific problem or challenge. The focus was on creativity and innovation, rather than on the actual implementation of an idea. In summary, a hackathon was focused on building a solution, while an ideathon was focused on generating ideas.

I was grateful to our mentor for her timely support and guidance. Also, I was thankful to my teammates for their great cooperation.

Class: 6th DayBoarding

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