Just wrapped up an incredible journey with Youthldeathon

🌟 Experience! 🌟

Just wrapped up an incredible journey with #Youthldeathon, where innovation met passion in the most inspiring way. 🚀

From ideation to execution, it’s been a rollercoaster of ideas and collaboration. Together with my amazing team, we embarked on a mission to create a sustainable solution that could make a difference.🌍

This experience has shown me the power of youth-driven innovation and the importance of tackling real-world challenges. It’s not just about building a project; it’s about creating a better future.🌍🌟

Thank you, #Youthldeathon, for this incredible opportunity and for the chance to be part of a global movement of young minds shaping tomorrow.

#Innovation #Sustainability #YouthEmpowerment

NAME: Shreya Saxena
TEAM MEMBERS: Pakhi Goel, and Vidushi Sharma MENTOR: Mrs. Sakshi Gupta
TEAM NAME : HydroSolar Ventures
CLASS : 7th B
SCHOOL: Silver Line Prestige School

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