Masterclass on How to start a startup frugally by Ravi Saxena, founder, Wonderchef

Everyone nowadays wanted to be an entrepreneur and start their business, but it was easier said than done. It was about creating something from nothing, turning your ideas and passion into profit and success. Even if you were doing a job, it was for a business, an entrepreneur. So why not be the entrepreneur yourself, then asked Ravi Saxena.


Recently, I attended an entrepreneurial talk on “How to start a startup Frugally” hosted by ThinkStartup for the top 1000 teams of Youth Ideathon. Ravi Saxena was the guest host. He was the founder of Wonder Chef, and let me tell you all, it was an incredible experience. There was so much to learn from the valuable insights he gave about his life for us to understand things, and we got to learn so much. There was so much knowledge and inspiration we got from his side.


He also had many businesses apart from Wonder Chef in running and some which were very good initiatives but lacked the proper timing. He shared some of his experiences, mistakes, and points to keep in mind while starting a startup.


Trust me; I will never forget what role timings play in starting a startup and its working as well. He appreciated young minds being enthusiastic about starting their startups but put forward the fact that 17-18 would be a pretty good age. He also insisted on investing in talent always and always. Now when you start a business, marketing is a key element, of course. He gave some tips on that too, which were very helpful.


Just excel in whatever field you opt for is a very good point. Talking to potential customers is a must-do.


There was a question and answer round as well in which he answered the questions asked by the students, and the answers were top of the class. He helped many young minds, or should I say the future entrepreneurs of the country.


When asked about entrepreneurship in terms of money, he said, “It has nothing to do with money; it has everything to do with your mindset.”


-Mahi Agarwal
Brightlands Girls Senior Secondary School

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