Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad

My Journey of GEO (Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad) 2022-23

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Hey Everyone! My name is Kumar Shantanu of Radiant International School and I’m here to enroll my journey of GEO 2022-23.

So, first of all before moving further into this, you’ll be curious about what is GEO? As we all know that Entrepreneurship has become the hottest skill in 21st century. It sits at the cups of ideas, science, technology, maths, business, marketing, commerce and communication. But there is very little formal education available for this skill. Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad is a test that helps school students prepare for one of the most important called Entrepreneurship. The test is designed to assess the entrepreneurialism in school students across the world to benchmark the knowledge level. It helps school students improve their learning about the real world by solving real world challenges.

Journey of GEO 2022-23

So for the first stage, there was a written examination for each category of students. From my opinion, the test was quite critical as entrepreneurship deal with many things in the same field. But it was well designed test as it judges a student’s critical thinking skills as well as knowledge. And it also forces you to think out of the box so that the new generation can come with new and encouraging ideas. Once the first stage was over, out of all the participants only 100 got qualified in each category for the Second Stage. For the 2nd Stage, it was a real life case study challenge. In this, we’ve been introduced with a new well known start-up called NirogStreet. It is a unique concept in Ayurveda Healthcare Ecosystem which deals with providing Ayurvedic medicines and healthcare to the consumer. In this stage for Junior Category, we’ve been asked to make a promotion poster to promote NirogStreet. For Senior & Advanced Category, they were asked to make a Video to promote NirogStreet. We had to upload it on various Social Media Platforms to promote it, and in the end Top 10 students with highest reach for their post will be qualified for the Final Stage. It was quite challenging for all the participants as it wasn’t only about our knowledge, but also how do we apply it in real life to promote any start-up. There are several things to keep in mind while you’re working on a poster or video to grab viewer’s attention. From my opinion, it was a very interesting and skill based stage as it focus on developing marketing and promoting skill in the participants. After the Real Life Case Study, Only Top 10 Participants were remaining in each category. For the 3rd Stage, there will be an Online Interview based on the previous stage’s case study. This stage was very important for every participant out there because this will lead to the final winners of GEO. I will say, the Interview stage was up to the mark as they didn’t ask you the direct question but about what are your thoughts and opinions about marketing and business to check the general awareness in the field of Entrepreneurship.


To sum up, I would conclude that Global Entrepreneurship Olympiad is a well designed platform to check and develop Entrepreneurship skills for the young generation. There are several stages which allows you to think out of the box to come up with new and encouraging ideas. It also improves you knowledge about marketing and business as well as your critical thinking skills. The olympiad format helps students improve their skills in logical reasoning, analysis, problem solving, digital and financial knowledge, leadership and communication. And for new generation, it’s important to work on these skills to succeed in their life. Thank You!

Written by : Kumar Shantanu

Radiant International School, Patna


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