Youth Ideathon Journey 2023

Upon awakening on October 29th, I was filled with anticipation as the moment of reckoning approached for the top thousand results. Around 12:30, the results were unveiled, and my team was among the selected few. However, our elation was swiftly replaced by the realization that we had just two days to prepare a pitch for our idea, compounding the challenge with ongoing exams.

Despite the formidable hurdle, we diligently crafted our pitch, investing our utmost effort. Yet, unforeseen complications persisted. In the eleventh hour, I discovered a stringent requirement for our video submission, necessitating that it be under 100 megabytes. With a five-minute video weighing a hefty 467 megabytes, we found ourselves in a predicament.

Amidst frantic efforts to resolve this issue, a welcome respite arrived when the submission deadline was extended by two hours. Ultimately, we located a compression website that resolved our predicament. In retrospect, these trials and tribulations not only tested our mettle but also enriched our experience. I am grateful to the Youth Ideathon team for affording us this valuable opportunity.

Samarth Totlani 7th F , Choithram school manik bagh indore
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